Ceramic Tile Bathroom Renovation – Plummer Dr Germantown MD 20876

June 14, 2012

First of all, we bought an Angie’s Big Deal sponsored by the Tile Center. Eddie Tirani came to our home to see the small bathroom and discussed options with us, measured, gave some ideas. He also brought some tile samples and then invited us to come to the store. During that first visit, he called one of their very skilled workmen who came and investigated a wall within the shower that we always thought hid a large vent. It turned out to just be a wire, so we decided to move the wall back and enlarge the shower. We could then add a seat. When we visited the store, Eddie sketched out the plans, we finalized the tile choices and the price. On the day the work was scheduled to begin, the very pleasant workmen showed up at 8am, lined their path with paper and began. They worked cleanly and quietly. Every day they left the premises clean. At some point we needed some plumbing done. Their plumber arrived to linstall the shower and fixed the pipes – for an extra charge of about $400.00. An electrician also worked on the job and everyone – plumber, electrician, tiler and supervisor – was highly skilled, courteous and efficient. The young man who laid the tile did a perfectly beautiful job.The old bathroom floor was set with concrete, and that all had to be ripped out. All new concrete was poured. We had a small wall removed and a wall moved back. The shower is tiled completely, including the ceiling and a mosaic band around the wall looks very pretty. The bathroom floor is tiled in a coordinating floor tile. It is truly beautiful. Eddie would stop by occasionally to see the progress. The job took approximately 2 weeks, some days had to be dedicated to allow applications to dry. We enjoyed meeting with Eddie. My husband and I were able to install the glass sliding doors and the new efficient toilet and replace the vanity. It is a beautiful little room now. We would definitely recommend the Tile Center.

Eddie Tirani came to our home to assess the job. He gave us some ideas which we thought were very good. We then went to the Tile Center to meet with him, choose the tile, talk about the process, price and schedule. Even though we had the Big Deal, it did not cover removal of the concrete floor within the shower stall, and the floor in the bathroom, and some other changes we found could be done – removal of the partial shower wall and moving the back wall, expanding the size of the shower stall.This enabled a bench seat to be added within the shower. Eddie sketched out the plans and gave us an estimate that turned out to be very close to the actual price. We set the schedule. We removed the toilet, sink and vanity. Do expect added costs if plumbing or electrical work has to be done. Charges for these services cost an additional $400 and the work was done by the Tile Center plumber and electrician. I believe they would have cost more if we had hired others to do this work. For instance, it cost nearly $500 for a plumber to replace a leaking copper pipe with PVC. He had to punch a hole in the shower floor to reach it, which precipitated this whole activity.


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