Shower Installation – 38th St. NW Washington DC 20016

November 27, 2012

Took existing bathtub out and built new shower. The end product is good but had to have them come back after they were through since hand held shower did not work well. They fixed it. Most of the work was done while I was out of town and that created a few snafus because I was not present I could not see the work being done so couldn’t make changes. I would suggest that you be there while they are working. They did better if I left lots of notes and reminders.

They were quick to respond to the request to explore having a shower installed where my bathtub was. The designer and salesperson took time with me when designing and planning the shower. Wished the border had been lower in the shower but because I was not at home when they were doing the work it was already done when I saw it.
They usually left the area clean and tidy but because I was in a condo building where they had to get permissions to turn water off etc. the project took much longer than I had planned. If you choose to use the grout that does not stain that has to sit for one week so those sort of pieces of information were not shared prior to beginning the project. Since it is not my line of work, I did not have a clue about those kinds of nuances in the project.
The end product is very nice…. just be prepared for a longer period of time then they say and I would encourage you to have someone present when they are working.


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