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December 24, 2012


I live in a duplex condo which is part of a house that was built in 1891. I have put off doing any renovations since I purchased it in 2005 because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and because I am a VERY picky person–a perfectionist when it comes to workmanship. I also knew from past experience that old house renovations are always migraine-producing disasters-waiting to happen.
I decided to begin work on the lower level which had wall-to-wall carpeting and an out-dated full bath both of which got on my last nerve.

The Tile Center far exceeded my expectations. I have renovated a number of antique homes and have never worked with a company that was as exemplary as the Tile Center. The whole project was painless which is extraordinary. The project manager, Anthony, and his team headed by Zia led me through the process of choosing the wood flooring for the bedrooms and hallway, the tile and fixtures for the bathroom, and the under the floor electric grid to provide radiant heat. I was able to find everything I needed from their excellent in-store selections–one-stop shopping which is great for those of us who are too busy (or too lazy) to shop around.
Why I am working with the Tile Center to renovate my cramped galley kitchen:
* Project team is customer-focused, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable
* Superb craftsmanship
* Cost estimate was itemized so I knew exactly what I was paying for
* Kept in close contact (called daily to tell me who was working the next day and when they were coming)
* Workers were punctual, careful, tidy (cleaned up at the end of each day) and friendly
* Responsive to my numerous questions and always willing to address any of my concerns
* Took all my ideas into consideration and were open to my sometimes wacky ideas
And most importantly, I trust the Tile Center. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


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