Bathroom Ceramic Tile Remodeling – Citreon Court North Potomac, MD 20878

December 7, 2012

Renovated a small bathroom/shower room and vanity area in master bedroom. Completely demo’ed room/area, moved shower wall 12 inches, removed toilet and vanity. Re framed shower wall, moved shower plumbing and drain, built new shower base and edge, installed ceramic tile on shower walls and floor of bathroom and vanity area, installed new custom built vanity, installed new shower fixture, vanity faucet and toilet. Installed new shower door. I arranged for painting of walls and a new custom made vanity mirror.

The overall outcome of the workmanship and quality of the renovation is excellent. Each of the various workmen did an outstanding job. They were very accommodating and pleasant to have in my house. I explained that I preferred to watch them work because I learn from them and each encouraged me to do so. They indicated that is good in the event they have a question on how or where I wanted things located or fitted and that made their job easier. My only observation is that most of the time the company only sent a single workman while I felt made it more difficult for the workman (i.e. no one to hold things, get tools, etc.) which may delay completion of the work. I also felt that there could be better communication between the sales manager at the store and the on-site project manger and workers. There were times that workers arrived not knowing they would be working at my location until the night before or morning of their arrival.
The only real problem encountered was in the final installation of the toilet. The first toilet, which is very heavy, was dropped and broken. Only one plumber was sent to install the toilet. I offered to assist but the box tore while we were lifting the toilet and it broke. The store indicated they had another one which when installed leaked. A third toilet was obtained but that also leaked when checked prior to being installed. A 4th toilet was ordered and installed by a plumber and an assistant without a problem or a leak. Unfortunately, this process took weeks to resolve.


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