Kitchen Remodeling – Wickshire Way Rockville MD 20852

December 6, 2012

Provided a kitchen redesign, then oversaw demolition of old kitchen and installation of new one.

The design stage was fantastic. They use a team approach, so you get the benefit of lots of peoples’ ideas, and each person on the team focuses on their area of expertise. We love the final products selected and how they blended.
During the actual installation phase, Mr. Rabbani of the Tile Center oversaw the work of the subcontractors. He was totally responsive and worked hard to ensure that everything was done to our satisfaction and that the contractors kept at the job. Other than the bits and pieces one always has on major projects, work was promised in three weeks and completed in four (Frankenstorm didn’t help the schedule!) which I think is quite good for this major of a project.
We were extremely pleased with the work done by Counterintelligence on the counters, and all tile work for flooring and back splash also well done. The demolition and rough rebuild team also did a good job.
The only reason we can’t give the effort an “A” overall is the cabinet installation team. Things would not be lined up and have to be rehung which they did, but numerous extra holes had to be punched in to complete the cabinets. The attention to cosmetics of the cabinet team was just not up to the level of the rest of the effort. We have closure, but I still feel the cabinet work was not as high quality.
I would highly recommend the Tile Center for design and the prices for materials seemed competitive. In hindsight, I probably would direct hire my own contractors to perform installation, rather than depending on the “luck of the draw” with their subcontractors, but definitely would use Tile Center for design again. And, if you aren’t “hands on”, they are responsive and timely and a good option for handling your project.


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