Remodeling Kitchen – Clear Morning Ct Germantown MD 20874

February 19, 2013

Remodeled out kitchen by relocating our applicance’s & sink, some demolition, installing new cabinets, recessed lighting, dimmers, flooring, back splash on two sides of the kitchen.
Originally, we came in for the $ 95.00 Kitchen evaluation. They were low key and not aggressive in their approach during the planning stages. They came out and did an evaluation of our kitchen visually and checked for load bearing walls, as well as, talked conceptionally, about what we wanted in our kitchen. Then we got together again in their showroom and went over several plans that they had prepared for us. We then began the process of picking out cabinets, counter tops, flooring etc. and getting prices for a kitchen renovation. Before long the dream started to become reality. I did not realize how difficult it is going from Concept to picking out the materials. They listened very well and were very helpful in assisting us with the design of our space and patient as we kept questioning our choices and modifying them and reassuring us when we feared that the combination of surfaces we selected did not work together. Besides the waiting and anticipation our experience was enjoyable and excellent.
They were with us every step of the way.


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