Foyer & Back Splash Tiling – Darcy Green Pl Silver Spring MD 20910

May 7, 2013


Tile laid in foyer (approx 6×6 area) and sheets of 2×2 tile backsplash put on 3 kitchen walls. I supplied the tile for the backsplash and tile center supplied the floor tiles for the foyer.

Overall I was very happy. I have no experience with tile, but the price seemed fair for quality work and they were able to come at a time that was convenient for me. I would suggest telling the installers before they start where you want the pattern to start (where you want full tiles to start vs. where you want the partial/cut tiles to end). I emphasize that this was my own fault because I did not specify and it wasn’t the way I assumed it would be, but it does look beautiful, it’s just a personal preference, and I did not ask them to redo it. The only negative was I got kind of tired of the sales guy telling me what a good deal I was getting. Beautiful quality work and the show room has an enormous selection. If you cannot decide on tile, they have very helpful, knowledgable people there. I would definitely use them again, if I needed another tile guy.


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