Bathroom Remodeling-Vineyard Ln Derwood MD 20855

June 26, 2014


Eddie at the Tile Center helped us design and choose tile for three bathroom remodels. Two of the bathrooms were completed in the fall of 2013 with another contractor but Eddie spent hours with us choosing tile and designing the bathrooms. In the spring of 2014, we were preparing to put our house on the market and originally were working with a contractor our realtor recommended. When it became clear that his standard of work did not meet ours, we scrambled to find someone to do the master bath remodel as quickly and well as possible. I called Eddie in a panic and he worked with us to have the Tile Center’s contractors out at our house within 10 days. They completed the bathroom including demo and rebuilding in one week for a very reasonable price and high standard of workmanship. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Eddie and the Tile Center have become my gold standard for quality and customer service. When we began the remodel of our first two bathrooms in 2013, my husband and I spent several days visiting tile stores in the Rockville area. Nothing compared to the quality, price, knowledge and no-pressure support of the Tile Center. Eddie spent hours helping us consider various options, letting us borrow tiles to check them out at home, making suggestions while respecting our own sense of style and budget. His experience helped us select tiles and materials, such as porcelain tile and Quartzlock grout, which are beautiful and nearly maintenance free unlike other stores which often urged us to upgrade beyond our budget and/or use stone which needs to be sealed and requires more maintenance that I am interested in. Eddie felt more like a wise friend than a salesperson which is amazing given that all we were buying at the time was tiles, grout and thresholds. Neither he nor the Tile Center stood to make a lot of money off our purchase. But he still treated us with respect and gave us all the time in the world. The selection, quality and price at Tile Center also stood out among the stores we visited.
When we decided to remodel the master bath in preparation to sell our home in 2014, the original contractor/tile provider recommended by our realtor was clearly on a different page than we were. Once again, we turned to Eddie and the Tile Center. He immediately helped us choose beautiful tiles and a style within our budget. When we needed to change contractors at the last minute, Eddie was able to arrange for their crew to come to our house in less than 10 days and everything was completed within a week. All the workers were professional, meticulous, careful to keep everything clean and neat during the work and at the end of the day. They were great to have around. Mr. Kim, the supervisor, stopped by at least twice a day to check in and make sure that everything was going well and up to high standards. Eddie also came by to visit multiple times to personally insure that we were satisfied. The tile installation is amazing! My mother-in-law calls it a work of art, and friends and visitors have pulled out their phones to take pictures. The two gentlemen working on it were meticulous and used a level at every point to make sure that the lines were even and that the tile set evenly into the wall. After the project was completed, Eddie even sent someone out to install a new extended shower arm without extra charge even though it was a change from the original design.
I can’t recommended Eddie, the Tile Center and their crew highly enough. If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, please stop by and give them a chance to impress you.


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