Kitchen Renovation-Mist Haven Terrace North Bethesda MD 20852

July 15, 2014


Tile Center renovated my kitchen. They did all the work except the painting and provided all the materials except the appliances. The kitchen had not been updated in 30 years and I am very pleased with the result. My only caution is that the project has taken far longer than I expected (there were a variety of contributing causes including bad weather that delayed delivery of some items, one work order change on my part and some unexpected preexisting issues that we had not considered). They were very conscientious about cleaning up each day and very careful working around breakables. Given their overall professionalism and responsiveness, however, I was a little disappointed in how long the little finishing items took to complete. On the other hand, I had decided on a floor (black and white 12×12 vinyl tiles) that proved nearly impossible to find (black and white apparently is not “in” these days and I did not want either real or faux stone or wood)and they continued to search diligently until they found a company that manufactured these tiles. I would recommend them for future work or to others but with a caution in terms of staying on top of how things were getting done.


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