Ceramic Tile Installation-18503 Sweet Autumn Dr Gaithersburg MD 20879

February 2, 2015


Ceramic Tile in the kitchen and dinning room, Italian tile planks with hardwood style (LEA Ceramiche). Carpet tile office style for the computer area.

I scheduled an appointment online from their website, they called me soon afterwards to confirm appointment time and to ask if I already had an idea of what I wanted to bring proper samples. Very happy with the final result. I was originally trying to get hardwood because I like the style, but not so sure about putting that in the kitchen, it can get messy and hardwood needs maintenance. That’s when they told me about ceramic tile that look like hardwood, getting the best of both worlds. Because I didn’t hear about that before i requested the salesperson to showed me a sample, and that was it.
Also I got carpet tile (commercial grade) for where I have the little office, works great, easy to clean, short pile so the wheels of the chair don’t have any problem while moving, and the best part, it matches the color my new tile floor, so the transition is smooth.
Installers did a great job, they were done after 3 days (maybe faster if I wasn’t leaving in a apartment 3rd level). Mr Kim the supervisor was around every now and then to make sure everything everything was under control.


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